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Do you offer discounts?

Because we are a company run by a very small team, we are not yet offering any discounts on our products.

Where can I learn about R.A.D Shoes?

We've been featured on a number of websites, blogs and YouTube channels. You can find out more below. Complexhttps://www.complex.com/sneakers/how-rad-is-bringing-sneaker-hype-to-crossfit. That Fit Friendhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOA_9o9d0Ak. As

When will you restock this color?

Once a run of colors is sold out, we will never restock them. At R.A.D. we don't work like other footwear brands. We only manufacture the amount of shoes we believe we can sell, not the amount we want to sell. Our shoes are made to be worn not to si

Contact Us

If you have an order query or question don't DM us on Instagram, email [email protected] including your name and order number and someone will help you out as quickly as possible.